Bidhan’s journey as a flutist began with humble practices in his family’s backyard. Guided by his determination and a deep love for his cultural heritage, he tirelessly honed his craft. He was inspired by local Newari musicians and learned the intricate techniques of playing the traditional Newari flute, also known as the “bansuri.”
As he grew older, Bidhan’s commitment to his art intensified. He sought guidance from established musicians and studied various styles of flute, combining traditional Newari melodies with contemporary elements. His dedication to mastering his instrument eventually led him to explore other musical genres as well, allowing him to create a unique fusion of sounds.
In his pursuit of musical innovation, Bidhan Shrestha co-founded the band “Vajra Tunes” in 2005. The band was a collective of talented musicians with a passion for preserving and reinterpreting Newari cultural music. Vajra Tunes aimed to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, introducing their distinctive sound to a wider audience both in Nepal and internationally.
Bidhan’s role as lead flutist in Vajra Tunes was instrumental in shaping the band’s identity. His ability to infuse classic Newari melodies with contemporary arrangements brought a new perspective to traditional melodies. Audiences were captivated by his virtuosity on the flute, often describing his performances as mesmerizing and evocative.
Through Bidhan Shrestha’s dedication to his craft and his role in Vajra Tunes, he not only contributed to the preservation of Newari cultural heritage, but also played a pivotal role in promoting intercultural understanding. His collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds showcased the universal appeal of music as a language that transcends borders.
Bidhan’s performances with Vajra Tunes garnered local and international recognition, earning the band a special place on the global music scene. His performances at various music festivals, cultural events and even collaborations with renowned artists have enriched his musical journey.
Today, Bidhan Shrestha continues to inspire young musicians and enthusiasts with his story. His commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation serves as a testament to the power of art to shape cultural narratives.
Outside of his musical activities, Bidhan is known for his humble and down-to-earth nature. He enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new musical avenues, and occasionally holding workshops to share his experience with aspiring flutists. As Bidhan Shrestha’s story unfolds, it becomes clear that his journey as a flutist in Vajra Tunes has not only left a mark on the music industry, but has also contributed to a larger dialogue about the importance of preservation. culture and artistic expression.

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